Pusat Pengajian Industri Perkayuan

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The Faculty of Applied Science is one of the university's core science and technology faculties. The faculties strives to continuously provide a dynamic environment that seeks to foster academic innovations and excellence in teaching, learning and research. In all of our activities, be it teaching, research or outreach, we aim to operate with a forward-thinking, results-oriented and community-responsive approach - in persuit of realising our vision of becoming a premier institution in science and technology .


Norhafizah Rosman
UiTM Cawangan Pahang
Kampus Jengka
Email: kppwoodtechpahang@uitm.edu.my / hafizah29@uitm.edu.my
Phone :09-460 2275

  • Diploma in Wood Industry (AS117)
  • Bachelor of Science (Honors) Furniture Technology (AS247)
  • Diploma in Wood Industry (AS117) and Bachelor of Science (Honors) Furniture Technology (AS247) are the Anchor Campus for Faculty of Applied Sciences.
  • The program curriculum was designed for student preparation in their career progression, competing with other programs and to have high employability.
  • There are 3 main workshops available in the campus; Primary Workshop (Processing), Secondary Workshop (Composite) and Tertiary Workshop (Furniture Manufacturing) to fulfill the teaching and learning processes in this program.
  • Sri Gading Camp – Learning forest for students practical and hands on training.
  • DIP Laboratory, Pulp and Paper Laboratory and Auto CAD Laboratory – completed with learning facilities that relevant with industry needs.

The objectives of this programme are:

  • To increase the number of Bumiputera students in Science and Technology programmes.
  • To help Bumiputera students to deepen their basic knowledge and understanding of science concepts, laws, principles and laboratory experiences in their field of study before they further the Science and Technology based diploma programmes.
  • To give an opportunity to the Bumiputera students to increase their academic qualification to further their study to diploma level
  • Diploma : 3 years
  • Bachelor : 2 years (AS117 students)
                 : 3 years (Matriculation & other Diploma)
  • Diploma in Wood Industry
    -1973 (UiTM Shah Alam)
    -1995 (offered in Jengka Campus)
  • Bachelor of Science (Honors) Furniture Technology
    - 1995 (UiTM Shah Alam)
    - 2009 (transferred to Jengka Campus)
PD007/PD008– Pre Diploma Science

Pre-diploma science programme is focusing on basic sciences and mathematics. The minimum duration of this programme is one semester which can be extended to two semesters depending on the student’s performance. The courses offered are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English. Graduates with Pre-Diploma may further their education in any science and technology based diploma programmes in UiTM offered by various faculties such as Applied Sciences, Allied Health, Pharmacy, Engineering, Architecture, Planning & Surveying, Information Technology & Quantitative Sciences as well as Sport Science & Recreation
  1. Pass SPM recognized by the Malaysian Government and obtained three (3) credits including Bahasa Malaysia
  2. Credit in Mathematics/Additional Mathematics
  3. Pass in English
  4. Pass in one (1) of the following subjects:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Additional Science
No. Nama & Emel Jawatan No Telefon UiTM Expert
1. Norhafizah binti Rosman
E-mel 1 : Ketua Pusat Pengajian Industri Perkayuan
E-mel 2 : hafizah29@uitm.edu.my
Ketua Pusat Pengajian
Pensyarah Kanan
09 - 460 2275  
2. Prof. Dr. Wan Mohd Nazri Bin Wan Abdul Rahman
E-mel : wmdnazri@uitm.edu.my
Profesor (VK7) 09 - 460 2680  
3. Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Nurul Husna Mohd Hassan
E-mel: nurulhusna@uitm.edu.my
Profesor Madya (DM54) 09 - 460 2408
4. Amran Bin Shafie
E-mel: amran453@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah Kanan (DM52) 09 - 460 2297
5. Mazlin Binti Kusin
E-mel: mazlin@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah Kanan (DM52) 09 - 460 2372
6. Ts. Ahmad Fauzi Bin Awang @ Othman
E-mel: ahmad_fauzi@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah Kanan (DM52) 09 - 460 2300
7. Dr. Nurrohana Binti Ahmad
E-mel: nurrohana@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah Kanan (DM52) 09 - 460 2378
8. Dr. Siti Zalifah Binti Mahmud
E-mel: ifah@uitm.edu.my
Koordinator Pascasiswazah
Pensyarah Kanan (DM52)
09 - 460 2138
9. Dr. Noorshashillawati Azura Binti Mohammad
E-mel: noorshashillawati@uitm.edu.my
Penyelaras Program Pembentangan Pelajar Pascasiswazah
Pensyarah Kanan (DM52)
09 - 460 2349
10. Ts. Dr. Siti Noorbaini Binti Sarmin
E-mel: baini@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah Kanan (DM52) 09 - 460 2320
11. Dr. Zaimatul Aqmar Binti Abdullah
E-mel: zaimatul@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah Kanan (DM52) 09 - 460 2319
12. Nik Hazlan Bin Nik Hashim
E-mel: nikhazlan@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah Kanan (DM52) 09 - 460 2410
13. Ts. Junaiza Binti Ahmad Zaki
E-mel: junaiza@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah Kanan (DM52) 09 - 460 2319
14. Dr. Lee Seng Hua
E-mel: leesenghua@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah Kanan (DM51) 09 - 460 2000
15. Dr. Yusri Helmi bin Muhammad
E-mel: yusrihelmi@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah Kanan (DM51) 09 - 460 2000
16. Nur Hannani Binti Abdul Latif
E-mel: hannani@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah (DM45) 09 - 460 2334
17. Norashikin Binti Kamarudin
E-mel: sheken@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah (DM45) 09 - 460 2334
18. Ainul Munirah Binti Abdul Jalil
E-mel: ainulmunirah@uitm.edu.my
Pensyarah (DM45) 09 - 460 2404