Research & Industrial Linkages (PJI)

The top management of UiTM feels that it is imperative to put the university on the world map and the establishment of this division serves to propel the university into the world stage. Each faculty and branch campus has its own Deputy Dean or Deputy Campus Director to head this division. Research and Industrial Linkages Division (PJI) UiTM Pahang was officially established on 15th July 2009 and headed by the Deputy Campus Director. This division is seen as the perfect vehicle to thrust UiTM into becoming a world class university not only in teaching and learning but also in research, consultation, publication and entrepreneurialship.

Research and Industrial Linkage (PJI) comprises the Research Management Unit (RMU), University and Industrial Linkages and Commercialization (UiLC), University Publication Unit (UPENA), Tunas Mekar, Malaysia Academy of SME and Entrepreneurship Development (MASMED) and the joint venture unit of UiTM Pahang and Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia Pahang (UiTM-DPMMP).

RMU is responsible in promoting, training and managing all research, consultation and commercialization activities. UiLC unit is the liason between the university and the industry and also in charge of MoU/MoA, intellectual properties such as pattern and copyrights, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) during consultation, Innovation competition and also practical student attachment. UPENA on the other hand coordinates all matters pertaining to publication, be it academic books or research journals. UPENA is also responsible in conducting periodic training on academic and journal writing to ensure high quality work. Tunas Mekar and MASMED serve the purpose of training undergraduates and graduates into becoming entrepreneurs. Graduates who enrol into this program are placed in local businesses to learn the trade. Allowances are given to the participants throughout the duration of the training The UiTM-DPMM unit was established on 26th April 2009 with the signing of a MoU between the two parties, making UiTM Pahang a strategic partner of DPMM Pahang. This joint venture is seen as a gateway to help DPMM become more effective in helping the Malay businessmen in Pahang to become more competitive in the business world.

“Makmal Penyelidikan Khazanah”, a high technology-equipped laboratory in the InfraScienceTech building, was established with the aim of becoming the leading centre of excellence in natural product research in accordance with the university’s tagline of “Kampus Khazanah Alam”.


To help develop UiTM Pahang become the leading university in research, consultation, academic publication and entrepreneurship.


  • To provide quality research management, publication and entrepreneurial services to enhance scholarly work, creativity and innovation among the university’s academician.
  • To strengthen the relationship between the university, community and the industry.


  • Providing quality management services to ensure successful endeavour in research, consultation, publication and entrepreneurialship.
    • Linking and matching core competencies wtih core business in the industry for research opportunities
    • Providing direction for the Special Interest Group (SIG) and Centre of Excellence in accordance with the focus of the university.
  • Disseminating information and providing ample training opportunities for research development, consultation, publication and entrepreneurialship
  • Ensuring continuous development of creative, innovative and quality research, consultation, publication and entrepreneurial development programs.