The Faculty of Applied Science is one of the university's core science and technology faculties. The faculties strives to continuously provide a dynamic environment that seeks to foster academic innovations and excellence in teaching, learning and research. In all of our activities, be it teaching, research or outreach, we aim to operate with a forward-thinking, results-oriented and community-responsive approach - in persuit of realising our vision of becoming a premier institution in science and technology .


PROGRAMME PROFILE Pre-diploma science programme is focusing on basic sciences and mathematics. The minimum duration of this programme is one semester which can be extended to two semesters depending on the student’s performance. The courses offered are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English. Graduates with Pre-Diploma may further their education in any science and technology based diploma programmes in UiTM offered by various faculties such as Applied Sciences, Allied Health, Pharmacy, Engineering, Architecture, Planning & Surveying, Information Technology & Quantitative Sciences as well as Sport Science & Recreation

The objectives of this programme are:

  • To increase the number of Bumiputera students in Science and Technology programmes.
  • To help Bumiputera students to deepen their basic knowledge and understanding of science concepts, laws, principles and laboratory experiences in their field of study before they further the Science and Technology based diploma programmes.
  • To give an opportunity to the Bumiputera students to increase their academic qualification to further their study to diploma level


Pass SPM recognized by the Malaysian Government and obtained three (3) credits including Bahasa Malaysia
Credit in Mathematics/Additional Mathematics
Pass in English
Pass in one (1) of the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Additional Science






Semester 1 (Physics Stream)

Credit Hours

ELC010 English For Pre-Diploma I 3
CTU001 Introduction to Human Development (Muslim 3
IDA002 Introduction to Social Ethics (Non Muslim) 3
MAT081 Mathematics I (Basic 4
MAT084 Mathematics II (Basic 4
CHM081 Chemistry I 4
PHY081 Physics I


Semester 2 (Biology Stream)

Credit Hours

ELC020 English For Pre-Diploma II 3
MAT082 Mathematics I (Advanced) 4
BIO082 Biology II 4
CHM082 Chemistry II 4
PHY082 Physics II 4
Semester 2 (Physics Stream)

Credit Hours

ELC020 English For Pre-Diploma II 3
MAT082 Mathematics I (Advanced) 4
MAT085 Mathematics II (Further) 4
CHM082 Chemistry II 4
PHY082 Physics II 4

AS117 - Diploma Industri Perkayuan

I wish to welcome you to the website of Department of Wood Industries. This website hopes to provide information and guide to students, researchers and industrial sector . Our commitment to excellence in education of wood-based which train more bumiputra to get higher skills and knowledge in managing aspects and producing aspects in the wood – based industry in present and future, increase the opportunity for bumiputra to develop their career and to make Mara University of Technology become the center of cooperation and reference inside and outside the country in producing wood products from rainforest . We also welcome to those researchers and industrial sector who want to collaborate with researchers in UiTM or those who want to use our facilities and consult our experts . This is some of our history and background. Diploma in Wood – Based Industry (Diploma Industri Perkayuan) or Diploma in Wood – Technology is established in 1973 under the Faculty of Applied Sciences. It was the one and only Diploma Program in Malaysia during that time. In the beginning, this course was accomplished in Shah Alam. Then, for some infrastructure reason, this course was transfer to UiTM Pahang branch (Jengka), which provide a better infrastructure facilities and more space that suitable for this course studies environment. This transfer was accomplished in 1995 .



Diploma in Science (DIS) was offered at UiTM Cawangan Pahang, UiTM Cawangan Perlis, UiTM Cawangan Negeri Sembilan, UiTM Cawangan Terengganu, UiTM Cawangan Sabah and UiTM Cawangan Sarawak. This programme was conducted over 5 semesters (90 credit hours). There are two flows for final year (semester 4 and 5) which are physical and biological flows. This programme emphasizes on strengthening the knowledge of students in Science and Mathematics. Apart from this, students are also exposed to various lab skills that cover the area of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The graduates of this programme can further their studies in a vast area at degree level.


Fulfil General University Requirement and Special Programme Requirement

A) General University Requirement
Pass SPM with minimum 5 credit (grade C and above) including Bahasa Melayu AND pass History

B) Program Requirement


Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Holders

  • Pass the general university requirement with credit in:
    Mathematics or Additional Mathematic 
  • 2 credits and 1 pass (grade D and E) in the following subjects:
  • Pass English


  • Pass MQA (Aptitude test and Portfolio evaluation)
  • Age not less than 20 years from the year application
  • Experienced working in related field at least five (5) years
  • Pass interview from faculty level

Pre Diploma Science Holders

  • Pass upgrade (LNT) program Pre Diploma Science (PD007/008) from UiTM



Semester 1

Credit Hours

BIO121 Introduction to Cell Biology 3
CHM131 General Chemistry 3
PHY110 Mechanics I 3
MAT133 Pre-Calculus 3
HBU111 National Kesatria I 1
ELC120 Integrated Language Skills - Listening 3
CTU101 Prinsip-prinsip Asas Islam


Semester 2

Credit Hours

BIO150 Metabolism and Cell Division 3
CHM270 Physical Chemistry 4
PHY210 Mechanics II and Thermal Physics 3
MAT183 Calculus I 3
HBU121 National Kesatria II 1 1
ELC150 Integrated Language Skills – Reading 3
CTU151 Pemikiran dan Tamadun Islam 2
Semester 3

Credit Hours

BIO260 Biological Systems 4
CHM257 Organic Chemistry I 4
PHY150 Electricity and Magnetism 3
MAT238 Foundation of Applied Mathematics 3
HBU131 National Kesatria III 1
ELC230 Integrated Language Skills – Writing 3
CTU211 Sains dan Teknologi Islam 2
Semester 4 (Laluan Sains Fizikal)

Credit Hours

CHM256 Basics Analytical Chemistry 3
PHY260 Optics and Waves 3
PHY310 Modern Physics 3
PHY340 Electronics 3
CSC134 Computers & Information Processings 3
STA108 Basics Statistics and Probability 3
Semester 4 (Laluan Sains Biologikal)

Credit Hours

BIO310 Introduction to Human Biology 3
BIO320 Introduction to Biological Diversity 3
CHM256 Basics Analytical Chemistry 3
CHM301 Organic Chemistry II 3
CSC134 Computers & Information Processings 3
STA108 Basics Statistics and Probability 3
Semester 5 (Laluan Sains Fizikal)

Credit Hours

CHM260 Basic Instrumental Analysis 3 6
CHM361 Inorganic Chemistry 3 6
PHY351 Material Sciences 3  
PHY360 Physics Laboratory (Instrumentation and Application) 3  
ENT300 Basic Entrepreneurship 3  
Semester 5 (Laluan Sains Biologikal)

Credit Hours

BIO300 Biological Techniques and Skills 3
BIO330 Introduction to Ecology 3
CHM260 Basic Instrumental Analysis 3
CHM361 Inorganic Chemistry 3
ENT300 Basic Entrepreneurship  

Head Of Schools - Applied Science





Dr. Hj. Mohd Zahari Bin Abdullah
Ketua Pusat Pengajian
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Head Of Schools - Wood Industries





Dr. Nurul Husna Binti Mohd Hassan
Ketua Pusat Pengajian
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Coordinator - Applied Science

Dr. Shaari Daud
Koordinator Kursus Kimia

Email :

Norihan Binti Hj. Yahya
Koordinator Kursus Fizik

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Siti Suhaila Binti Harith
Koordinator Kursus Biologi

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