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Asasi Undang-Undang (PI005)

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Programme Information

The programme is designed for the development of basic skills and insight which is fundamental to the attainment of legal competence. Pre-Law students are taught and encouraged to expose themselves to all fields of knowledge. Courses taken in these fields are those which can develop in the Pre-law students, the capacity to think for themselves, the ability to express their thoughts with clarity and force and an understanding of the goals and values of the civilization law seeks to serve.

Admission Requirements

  • SPM with five (5) credits (Art is not included)
  • at least A- in English

Course Structure

Semester I

  • BEL260   Preparatory Course to MUET
  • BEL313   Introduction to Critical Thinking
  • LAW038  Legal Research & Information Processing Skills
  • LAW012 Introduction to Law I
  • LAW016 Malaysian Government & Politics
  • CSC134  Computer & Information Processing
  • CTU081/CTU083 Islamic Education Studies I/ Islam Culture and Religion

Semester II

  • BEL332    English for Pre Law I
  • BEL342    English for Pre Law II
  • LAW037   Introduction to Law II
  • LAW039   Introduction to Social Psychology and Criminology
  • LAW087   Introduction to Law III
  • LAW088   Contemporary & Global Issues
  • ECO099    Economic Issues and Problems

 For any inquiries

En Ikmal  Hisham Md.Tah

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Kampus Kuantan,

25200 Jalan Bukit Sekilau Kuantan,

Pahang Darul Makmur

No. Telefon: 09-5144857 No. Fax:5142372

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